Building types

The PORT Technology offers a wealth of benefits for any type of mid- to high-rise building.

  • Reduced wait and destination times for passengers in all traffic modes lead to improved productivity for tenants.
  • Access control options can allow the partition of tenants to provide a unique experience for each tenant within the building.
  • Personalization options can ensure comfort for all passengers, including concierge service for passengers that require privacy.
  • The PORT system can seamlessly manage delivery and maintenance calls without disrupting normal traffic. 
  • ECO (Energy Control Option) mode provides significant energy savings by switching the unrequired elevators into standby mode during non-peak times.

Reference installations:

Capital Bank Plaza

The Crescent

Humana Waterside Building

2 Hopkins Plaza 

  • The PORT Technology offers performance improvement from a conventional system to delight guests while operating efficiently.
  • Access control options can help manage the flow of guests to authorized areas only.
  • RFID technology provides an intuitive, secure system for room service and maintenance personnel.
  • Private, concierge service is attainable for rewards members or passengers that require privacy.
  • You can streamline the check-in process by encoding the room key with the desired elevator destination.

Reference installations:

Hyatt Regency New Orleans

  • Touchless operation can help maintain a sterile environment.
  • Access control options can help with general way-finding in larger facilities and help manage the flow of passengers to authorized areas only.
  • Personalization options can identify individuals or equipment who require more elevator space or who require additional time entering/exiting the elevator.
  • The intuitive PORT system helps prevent overcrowding, shortens ride times and can identify & fulfill special requirements for patients and staff .
  • The system can increase the efficient movement of doctors, patients, hospital staff and visitors, even in emergency situations, by assigning the appropriate elevator.
  • You can enhance the respect and privacy of visitors and patients by assigning different elevators.
  • Flexible access control and personalization options can provide a unique experience for each tenant, increase tenant retention and enhance the overall buildings' appeal.
  • RFID technology offers a more restrictive layer of access control to authorized areas only.
  • The intuitive system helps maintain a seamless, high level of service to all residents, even during heavy move-in/move-out cycles.
  • Touchless operation can help maintain a clean, inviting environment.
  • The PORT Technology can help add revenue to your building and allows you the flexibility to realize greater sales or market value.


"After looking at several different options, we quickly discovered that PORT Technology was the answer. We love it and, best of all, so do our tenants!"

Pierre Gibbons, Property Manager, GH Property Management