Building owners

What makes one building stand out from the rest? Intelligent design, flexibility and the value it delivers. With Schindler’s PORT Technology, a building owner or manager can easily design applications to accommodate a wide range of needs in real time. Whether it’s helping to meet new energy efficiency goals, updating security, scheduling maintenance or adapting to people with special needs, unprecedented levels of customization can be achieved.


Higher occupancy rates

Schindler's PORT Technology delivers a vastly improved rider experience with passenger grouping by desired floor. As a result, tenants can enjoy increased productivity. Schindler's PORT Technology also gives tenants an individual, unprecedented level of customization and access control options that can ultimately increase your property’s desirability in the market.

Higher lease rates

By offering your tenants a higher level of service, including personalized service, your building will have the most advanced destination-dispatch system in the area. This allows you the flexibility to demand higher lease rates. With Schindler's PORT Technology, you can provide tenants their own routes, their own floors, their own destinations. It’s that personalized, flexible service that will help bring you the lease rates you deserve.

Lower energy costs

Schindler's PORT Technology can manage all passenger traffic in the most efficient manner possible. This assures highly optimized utilization of the elevator groups at all times, even under heavy traffic conditions.


“With Schindler's PORT Technology, we are not just buying an elevator modernization for today, but a system for the future, one that is scalable and expandable.”


Rick Flusche, Operations Manager, The Crescent