Environmental performance

At peak times, all of the elevators must be in operation to ensure that passengers reach their destinations as quickly and comfortably as possible. Normally, all elevators in a building also remain in operation when traffic is light. This means that the elevators make many trips but transport only a small number of passengers. This, in turn, reduces the efficiency of the elevator system. In addition, the energy consumption of a lightly loaded elevator is higher due to the larger weight difference between the elevator cab and counterweight.

The unique ECO (Energy Control Option) mode allows intelligent reduction of the elevators’ energy consumption without reducing the service provided to users. If current or forecasted waiting times fall below a defined acceptable value, ECO mode switches the unrequired elevators into standby mode, optimizing elevator usage. Thanks to the reduced number of elevator trips and improved balancing of the elevators, energy is saved. The amount of energy saved in the course of a day can be substantial. Since ECO mode dynamically monitors the traffic situation in the building, a high quality level of service is assured at all times.

By optimizing elevator usage, Schindler is committed to advancing The PORT Technology to minimize customers’ total building energy consumption while making sure the energy that is used provides the optimum environment for their tenants.


"Because of its innovative technology, we're using our elevators more efficiently and we're seeing real energy savings which support our ongoing sustainability efforts."

Steve Evans

Solutions Associate

Humana Waterside