Elevator transit

Schindler's building mobility solutions are built upon our more than 20 years of destination-dispatch technology experience. Today, the most efficient method of moving passengers through a building is truly the smartest way to move people.

Predictive call entry – Based on previous time and date usage patterns, each passenger can choose from a list of his or her most frequently selected destinations.

Automatic call entry – With destination-dispatch technology, RFID cards can be pre-programmed to allow access to specific floors and destinations and can vary depending on the originating floor. The PORT also can display only the floors to which passengers are allowed access. This patented technology automatically delivers elevator assignments for passengers at the terminal or turnstile. 

Contextual operation – On floors above the lobby, a PORT display can be programmed to show only the floors that are relevant to the passengers of those floors.

Touch-less operation – If an RFID card is held continuously at the PORT, each destination allowed for the passenger will be highlighted in turn. When the desired destination is highlighted, the passenger simply removes the RFID card to register his or her call.