The PORT terminal

The brain behind the Personal Occupant Requirement Terminal, or PORT Technology, is a powerful software system that uses information to guide and transport people quickly and safely to their individual destinations, communicating with them through a simple yet elegant device called the PORT.

Schindler's extraordinary new PORT is your portal to communicate with building occupants. It can provide a range of command and communication functions that provide continuous service to you and your building’s occupants. Reliable as it is elegant, the PORT terminal can be mounted to the wall or installed with a freestanding pedestal. Whatever your architectural specifications, the PORT terminal can be a welcome feature.

Schindler also designed the PORT terminal to be extremely energy efficient. Each PORT has a motion sensor to detect when it is required to be active and at all other times, is placed into a low energy consumption state. When the screen illuminates, an ambient light sensor determines the brightness level required, again optimizing energy usage. Finally, the processor, the heart of each PORT, has the lowest energy consumption in its class. 


"With a unique building configuration that requires these elevators to not only service all of the main floors of the building, but also the lower garage floors, we wanted a system that offers the latest in technology and overall efficiency."

Pierre Gibbons, Property Manager, GH Property Management