Traffic Management

Improve the elevator traffic management in your building by up to 50%

Schindler can analyze your current building traffic patterns and show you with our third-generation destination-dispatch system, The PORT Technology, how you can realize up to a 50% improvement in handling capacity, wait and destination times.

Schindler has more than 20 years of experience in destination-dispatch technology. Let us show you, on your new or existing building, how you can achieve the most efficient way to move passengers through your buildings.

Let us help you with elevator traffic management. Contact us about doing a traffic study today!

Support for architects

With The PORT Technology architects are no longer locked in to traditional building elevator configurations. Let your imagination flow. The PORT Technology provides the design advancements essential to successfully attracting and retaining clients. Let us show you how!

Support for building owners

With The PORT Technology your building will stand out from the rest. The value the intelligent PORT system delivers will help you realize greater efficiencies in your building. No matter how old your building is, with The PORT Technology you will always stand out above the rest. Ask us how!